Emotional Goodbyes

Whenever I’m reading an especially good book, I’m always conflicted about the ending. I can’t wait to find out how it ends, and yet I don’t want it to end. That’s what this semester felt like for me – especially in terms of my senior class.

We had our high school graduation last Friday. It’s not something that crept up on me. I’d been working with the MCs and student speakers to perfect their speeches for the ceremony for well over a month. But on the day, when I saw all the students in their caps and gowns, I realized this was it, these kids wouldn’t be in my class anymore.

I taught these kids for one year. That doesn’t seem like too long a time, but the class activities and discussions, the hallway banter, and the general friendliness of the kids made it feel like I’d known them longer.

Watching them take their diplomas, I almost teared up so many times. But my favorite part came after the ceremony ended. The appreciation I got from parents of my students, the students talking about not wanting to leave but excited for the next step, the collective feeling of pride and achievement in that hall – it was beautiful.

I’m going to miss this bunch. Some names and faces will definitely stay with me for a long while. I pray life gives them every opportunity to maximize their potential.


  1. I can imagine the depth of emotion at graduation this year, which was still one of overcoming in so many ways. Congratulations to you ALL on your endurance and achievement – and here’s to the power of these moments carrying over into the next volume in the series of life.

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  2. Goodbyes are so tough – – watching them spread their wings and fly is what we want and don’t want all at the same time. I’m reminded of that scene in RV where the little girl is telling her daddy (Robin Williams) that she always wants to stay at home and be his little girl, and our hearts skip beats and melt all over the floor, and then in the next scene it flashes forward to her as a teenager, never more ready to get out of the house. Funny how time and age play such a role in how we see things. Your babies will come back when they come home and share their adventures with you, and that will be what you have to look forward to! Congratulations on helping them spread their wings and fly.

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  3. Saba, graduation is a bittersweet time. That last one (2019) was especially emotional for me. During the conferring of diplomas, our teachers line up to shake hands w/ every graduate. This is a touching moment, our last goodbye as graduates depart. The last year I sat on the stage w/ the graduates. I was able to sit next to mine of my favorite students, which made the ceremony more special,

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  4. Likening the end of a good school year to the end of a great book really resonated with me. I know that feeling all too well. I know you’ll miss them. It won’t be possible to reconvene in the same way in the future, but a future reunion will be sweet.

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  5. Ohhh….I’m with you on this. There was something about this year. My kids and I have grown close, and sending them off to new things makes me both proud and sad all at the same time. Like Stacey, I found the idea of coming to the end of a book to be such a powerful metaphor. I can only hope there’s a sequel…

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  6. It’s the time of the year in teacher’s life that goodbyes are inevitable. We can’t run from them. I like that your goodbye ended with a high note.


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